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Here are three of the animals you may see from the WILDcenter's embassy.

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HOOman Relations

Owlbert is a Eurasian Eagle Owl.  They are one of the largest owls on earth!  Owlbert is named after a relatively smart physicist.  If you have to ask "Who?" then Owlbert will look down on you!  But in class he's the first to ask "Who will take a picture with me too?"


Student InTEGUration

Che' is an Argentinian black and white Tegu.  He will revolutionize the way you look at lizards! Tegus are large and intelligent lizards found over most of South America.  Like us, tegus are omnivorous and adapt well to a variety of habitats.  Unlike us Che' has adepted well to classroom life!


Student AcCOILades

Achilles is a Florida King Snake.  As the name suggests, they are found all over the state of Florida.  King snakes are so named because they eat other snakes AND pit viper venom doesn't phase them.  That's right!  They can take a bite and still put up a fight!  King snakes are known to be one of the strongest snake species for their size.  And with no legs that means no exposed heal.  No wonder they are so successful in the wild!

Ambassadors: Meet the Team
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