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In order to secure an event with the WILDcenter's animal ambassadors, a deposit of half the amount for the requested programs is required to secure the date/time of your choice.


60 minutes

Our programs are tailored to TEK standards for your respective grade of students or public audience.  Viewers get an up-close experience with animals you do not see every day. Our Modern Dinos/Living Dragons* program emphasizes the link between these animals and their respective fossilized and literary ancestors.  Each classroom presentation is guaranteed to have 2 birds, 2 lizards, 2 snakes, 1 turtle and  many exciting animal artifacts, a question/answer session and a class photo opp.

*K-2nd: focus on the lore of dragons

*3rd-5th: focus on the connection between our animals and dinosaurs

**2 program package available**

Same Day/Same Location for $350 extra

- 51 TO 150 PEOPLE -

60 minutes

Assemblies are ideal for an entire school or conference group to meet our animals.  Our assembly programs focus on individual species’ characteristics that help them survive in nature. Each assembly program is guaranteed to feature 2 birds, 2 lizards, 2 snakes, 1 turtle, and a photo opp for each class attending the assembly.

**2 program package available**

Same Day/Same Location for $450 extra


60 minutes

Scout meetings, air b&b, wedding receptions, conventions, corporate retreats or any other organized function are all chances to meet our fantastic raptors and reptiles.  If you have something in mind feel free to contact us.  We’ll make your gathering a memorable event! Each non-classroom event is guaranteed 2 birds, 1 lizard, 2 snakes, 1 turtle and a group photo with one of the animals.  Additional animals may be added for extra costs; please contact us directly for details.


45 mintues

Want your picture with an owl or a giant lizard?  Have a media event and want to add spectacular animals?  Or do you have an event that focuses on one animal group? We'll be happy to accommodate any special requests; be it for ads, wedding photos, models for art, or topics/events celebrating one animal group.  We will bring 3 animals of your choosing to a location of your choosing* for your special event ambitions.  

*Location will need to be approved by us prior to agreement.   

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